Lawn Returfing

There are occasions and conditions when simple lawn renovations would not be suitable – uneven, moss ridden, poor existing soil, newly landscaped gardens or timescales that simple lawn renovations could not achieve. Whatever the reason Lawn Therapy  provide a professional lawn laying / returfing service.

We use high quality turf from Q-Lawn and nutrient rich free draining root zones to provide the optimum soil conditions for your lawn to become established within weeks of laying.

Our Lawn Returfing service would begin by arranging a free lawn survey at a convenient time to assess firstly whether your existing lawn can be renovated and discuss your options, we would take soil samples to assess drainage and determine the existing soil type.

If we decide that returfing is the best way forward we will give you a competitive cost effective quote to complete the work.

It is worth noting that we will only supply and lay our own turf as we know and trust the quality of the product and have a guarantees from our suppliers.


Lawn Therapy’s services are quick, affordable and highly effective. Call us today and you can also take advantage of our free Lawn Care Survey (or visit our contact us page). Lawn Therapy also offer additional lawn care services which your lawn may benefit from. These include seasonal lawn treatments, aeration, overseeding, top dressing, garden pest control, grass disease control, Lawn Re-Turfing and driveway weed control.