Lawn Scarification Service

Why scarify a lawn?

Scarification is used to mechanically remove the build up of thatch and moss in a lawn. Thatch is a build up of dead organic matter laying on the soil surface. Thatch is a natural occurrence as old grass stems die they are replaced by new ones. Bacteria in the soil usually will digest the thatch breaking it down into nutrients for other plants. In severe cases of heavy thatch the bacteria cannot digest all the organic matter and the thatch builds up and forms a fibrous layer on the soil surface. This layer acts like a barrier preventing the free flow of moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the grass roots and preventing light reaching the base of the grass shoots. It is vital that thatch is not allowed to build up as it can have a disastrous effect on any lawn weakening the grass, encouraging moss and diseases.

What is Scarifying?

This is the physical process of removing thatch from the soil surface. It used to be carried out by using a wire rake. Lawn Therapy have powered machines which scarify far more comprehensively and are far more efficient than raking. Several vertical metal blades revolve at high speed around a shaft and cut into the ground as the machine is pushed along the lawn. The blades can be set at various heights from the surface and consequently take out various amounts of thatch etc. As well as removing thatch and dead moss the blades also prune the shoots of the grass plant encouraging stronger growth.

Scarifying is much more vigorous and effective than raking or using an electric lawn rake. Scarification pulls the dead moss and thatch out of the lawn. As this process is very invasive it can sometimes leave the lawn looking thin so it is important to schedule scarifying so that it is followed by the appropriate weather conditions that assist the lawn with its recovery. Lawn Therapy can advise you if your lawn requires scarifying but most lawns will benefit from an annual scarification. If you are unsure if your lawn needs scarifying you can contact us to arrange a free survey or book a free lawn survey here. 

We also offer additional lawn care services which your lawn may benefit from.  These include seasonal lawn treatments, aeration, over-seeding, top-dressing, grass disease control, driveway weed control.