Ant Problems

Ants are one of the most common insect problems. Ants colonies in lawns create mounds of uneven soil which when mown are usually scalped with most of the grass plant removed creating areas for weeds or moss to colonise.

The mounds of fine earth produces by Ants in the lawn should be allowed to dry out and then brushed vigorously with a heavy bristled brush to sweep the soil particles level across the lawn. Ant Treatment is much more effective by using a trowel to dig ¾ inches into the nest and applying the ant powder deep into the nest, then replacing the soil/grass. This method will be more effective than puffing the ant powder onto the grass where it will usually just scorch the grass. A new queen ant may move into the treated ant nest and start a new colony. Tolerance and aggressive brushing is the best option. Alternatively if you have serious problems call Lawn Therapy and we can advise or treat your problems.