Lawn Treatment Programs

(We can start any one of our lawn treatment programs at any time of year because we know what treatments to use depending on the season and the current weather conditions, so there is no better time to start than now!)
Lawn Treatment Programs

For that premium looking lawn we recommend our Standard lawn care program with five regular application treatments per year plus a yearly mechanical aeration and scarification, this will ensure your lawn has the appropriate benificial nutrients it requires to thrive throughout the year – weeds and moss will be controlled, soil health will be improved all leading to a lush healthy lawn you will be proud of.


Our Standard (and most popular ) Lawn Treatment Program includes –

Spring feed and moss review lawn treatment

Spring Lawn Treatment

This can be the most important time of the year. There is plenty of moisture about and the ground is starting to warm. The grass plant responds by growing vigorously, If the grass is short of food it will not grow healthily. Weak grass allows moss and weeds to develop.
  • We will apply our slow release Spring fertiliser to produce a nice steady growth throughout this important time of year, we will also review and apply a moss control if required.
  • We will complete a condition report, this will be emailed to you and include an assessment of the condition of your lawn, this will also and include additional tips and or recommendations we feel your lawn will benefit from.
Early summer feed and weed control lawn treatment

Early Summer Lawn Treatment

Grass growth should now be in full swing and you should be way into a regular mowing regime. Nutrients from the spring treatment will almost be depleted and ready for a top-up. This is also the time of year when annual and perenial weeds will start to appear.

  • We will apply our high Nitrogen slow release fertiliser that will nourish the grass for up to 12 weeks. Our fertilisers do not need to be watered in however if the lawn is dry watering in will produce quicker results.
  • We will apply a liquid herbicide to start to tackle the emerging perennial and annual weeds, our weed killers have 3 active ingredients and will control a wide range of common lawn weeds.
  • A further condition report will be completed, this will be emailed to you with recommendations and additional lawn care tips
Late summer feed and weed review

Late Summer Lawn Treatment

During the summer we can experience periods of high temperatures and drought so Its important to know what products to use that are safe and wont damage your lawn.
  • We will apply a non-scorch fertiliser to supply the grass with all the nutrients it needs without the risk of it burning and damaging your lawn. If rain is not forthcoming our fertiliser will sit dormant until the lawn is irrigated or rain returns.
  • We will spot treat any stubborn weeds or weeds that have emerged since your last treatment.
  • We will complete our third condition report and email you our findings with lawn tips and any recommendations we feel you will benefit from.
Autumn feed and moss control

Autumn Lawn Treatment

Warm weather combined with damp conditions make this time of year ideal for lawn diseases and moss to attack so Autumn is the key time to start applying moss control. Lawns need a regular supply of nutrients to look their best but too much nitrogen this time of year isn’t good for your lawn.
  • We will apply a slow release low Nitrogen fertiliser with other added beneficial macro and micronutrients to help set the lawn up for the cooler months.
  • We will apply a liquid moss killer, this will not only keep moss in check but also toughen up the lawn to reduce diseases outbreaks, this also has the added benefit of a rapid green up.
  • We will check for any lawn diseases and a condtition report will be carried out and emailed to the customer.
Winter moss and conditioner lawn treatment

Winter Lawn Treatment

This time of year the grass is pretty much dormant and can be prone to stress, moisture levels are also high so this can allow for moss to creep inThe winter treatment is tailored to tackle these problems.
  • We will apply a liquid moss and conditioner. The three way action of this treatment kills moss, toughens up the grass for the cold temperatures, one further benefit is a nice rapid green-up of your lawn.
  • The final condition report of the year (we will probably be nagging you about clearing leaves and debris from the surface of your lawn)

Mechanical Procedures Included are –

Lawn Scarification

Scarification is the mechanical process of removing thatch and moss from the base of the grass plants.  Lawn Therapy have powered machines which scarify far more comprehensively and are far more efficiently than raking. Several vertical metal blades revolve at high speed around a shaft and lift out thatch and moss as the machine is pushed along the lawn. As well as removing thatch and dead moss the blades also prune the shoots of the grass plant encouraging strong new growth. See more details about Lawn Scarification here.

To speed up recovery of a lawn, scarification is carried out in either spring or autumn when the lawn is actively growing.

Lawn Scarification

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the mechanical process of punching small holes in your lawn (lawn spiking) or removing soil cores from your lawn (hollow tine aeration). The purpose of aeration is to reduce soil compaction, reduce sub surface thatch and improve soil health by allowing, water, oxygen and nutrients to pass easily into the root zone, this procedure also improves surface drainage and aids gaseous exchange (healthy soil =healthy grass).
See more details about Lawn Aeration here.

Aeration is usually carried out when the soil is moist usually late autumn & early spring.

Lawn Aeration