Lawn Top Dressing

What is lawn top dressing?

This is a beneficial part of lawn care and can be a key factor in making critical short & long term improvements to the health, condition and appearance of any lawn. Our top dressing is made up of finely graded composted organic matter which provides a valuable source of organic nutrients and organic matter for the establishment and maintenance of a healthy lawn.

Why top dress an lawn?

The soil that a lawn depends on plays a major part in the development of a lawn.  You can significantly improve the quality of your soil by adding specific mixtures of lawn top dressings to compliment and improve the properties of your existing soil.

Some of the benefits (but not limited to) include –

  • Provides a valuable source of organic matter.
  • Slow release of nutrients to aid grass establishment and health.
  • Macro and micro organisms in the top dressing will improve soil biology (healthy soil = healthy grass).
  • Encourages reliable seed rooting and lawn establishment.
  • Helps suppress soil born diseases, resulting in a healthier lawn.
  • Improves the soils capacity to retain moisture making your lawn more resilient to drought conditions.

Lawn Therapy can provide helpful advice on top dressing providing a comprehensive service that can be incorporated into a lawn care programme. It is most effective in the autumn, early winter, spring and early summer particularly after scarification and especially if you want to over seed your lawn. Combining top dressing with lawn aeration will also significantly reduce compacted soils and when combined with other seasonal and mechanical treatments will provide you with a lush, healthy weed and moss free lawn.

Our Lawn Top Dressing Service is thorough, affordable and highly effective. Call us today and take advantage of our free Lawn Survey

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Organic top dressing
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