Q: When is the best time to start?

A: Our lawn care treatment service works on the basis of applying essential treatments at specific times of the year. There is no particular time of year to start. We can improve the health and appearance of your lawn at any time of the year by applying the relevant lawn care treatment applicable to the current weather conditions and requirements of your lawn.

Q: Is our lawn worth saving?

A: Our lawn care services can rescue even some of the most neglected lawns. Our service will gradually kill weeds and control moss and the conditions such as thatch and soil compaction that encourage moss and weeds. We have the experience, knowledge, products and equipment to ensure that we make the best out of your lawns. Many of the products we use are not available to the public or most general gardeners and the equipment we use is too specialised for the average gardener to own.

Q: I already have a gardener, do I need your service too?

A: We do not seek to replace your gardener. We simply want to complement the mowing work he/she does by ensuring that the lawn receives the care and attention he/she may not really be qualified or able to provide without access to the products and equipment that Lawn Therapy use. In fact many gardeners recommend our services to their customers.

Q: We work and no-one is home during the week, so when will you treat our lawn?

A: You do not have to be at home we just need to have access to your lawns. At each visit we take into account the specific needs of your lawn, the weather conditions and apply the relevant treatment. We will also recommend any optional additional work as it is required. See scarification, aeration and top dressing.

Q: What type of treatment does my lawn need and how much does it cost?

A: When we survey your lawns we also prepare a lawn care treatment programme. We recommend a basic four seasonal treatments per year plan that will ensure your lawn has the appropriate nutrients it requires throughout the year to control the weeds and moss and encourage healthy grass growth. We will help you decide what level of essential lawn care you require.

Any additional work such as scarifying, aeration, spiking, top dressing and seeding that your lawn may require from time to time is discussed with you, the customer.

Q: What is the cost of the treatment?

A: Our prices start from just £15 but please contact us for a free lawn survey without obligation.

Q: How do I pay for the treatment / what are your payment terms?

A: Payment is never in advance. Invoicing commences only after the treatment is completed on your lawn. There are no contracts to sign, you pay as you go.

Q: Are the products safe for pets, wildlife and children?

A: Yes they are safe. All we suggest is that you stay off the lawn after we have sprayed herbicide for one hour so that it has a chance to dry and be absorbed by the weeds. All of our staff are trained and NPTC qualified to use herbicides and pesticides.

Q: Why should I choose you over the competition?

A: Many other lawn treatment companies do not have the relevant experience or qualifications that we have. Your lawn needs specific nutrients at certain times of the year, we use several different types of fertilisers and treatments according to the requirements of your lawn, time of year, soil type and weather conditions. Some companies use the same feed all year round, irrespective of the weather using high nitrogen.

We also pride ourselves with value for money treatments, which will help improve your lawn all year round. Some fertiliser will green up your lawn and give the impression it is healthy, however too much nitrogen will create thick top growth but neglect the roots, resulting in long term problems.

Q: When will I see an improvement in my lawn?

A: Depending on the weather, your lawn will start to improve within a few weeks.

Q: Is your service cheaper than DIY?

A: Our treatment costs reflect the cost of the material used, the cost of getting to you and the costs of our employees. Consider how much it costs you to travel to and from the garden centre. There is also a significant difference in the products we use than the proprietary products from garden centres. At best most feed will last 3- 4 weeks, Lawn Therapy fertilisers will last 10 – 13 weeks and they will not scorch your grass.