Leather Jackets (crane fly larvae)

Between July and September Crane fly or “Daddy long legs” lay hundreds of eggs in lawns across the country. The recent mild wet winters have led to a huge increase in the leather jacket population. The eggs hatch between late autumn and early spring with a maggot like leather jacket larvae emerging and feeding on the grass roots and shoots. Grass less than 5- 6 years old is particularly susceptible as the roots remain succulent and easy to digest by the larvae. Low winter temperatures and frosts usually control numbers but the mild damp winters experienced in recent years have not had the desired effect. Leather jackets can strip large areas of a lawn in a few days and any bare areas will quickly be colonised by weeds or moss. If you notice bare patches or dead or dying straw like grass appearing in your lawn or birds, particularly starlings, pecking at the lawn call Lawn Therapy. We can then quickly identify the problem and treat your lawn. Our treatments are safe, efficient, effective and much cheaper than replacing large sections of your lawn.