Weed Identification and Control services

Weeds are always fast to take up any space in your lawn, these weeds can and will become an eyesore spoiling the appearance of any lawn.

You can buy off the shelf weed killers that will kill some weeds but unless the conditions that encourage weed colonisation and growth are treated they will always come back!

Our lawn weed killing service is “Cheaper than DIY”
With our Lawn weed Killing Service we don’t just treat the weed growth but we also tackle the conditions which promote that growth, we can devise a weed control plan that goes on working where other treatments fail, saving you endless cost and the time of self application.

Our Free Lawn Weed Survey
If you have recurring or problematic weed growth take advantage of our Free Lawn Survey worth £25 (click here to find out more),or to find out more about the types of weeds we control…carry on reading:

We’ve outlined some of the most commonly treated weeds below.

  • Japanese Knotweed
  • dandelions
  • speedwell
  • plantains
  • clovers
  • celandine
  • Field wood rush
  • Couch grass
  • Yarrow
  • Mares Tail (Horsetail)
  • Nettles and brambles
  • Ragwort
  • daisies
  • buttercup
  • Dock
  • Ground elder
  • bindweed
  • Stinging nettles

Control of Commonly occurring weeds
Efficient broad spectrum systemic herbicides are applied by lawn Therapy and are safe, very effective and control weeds easily. The products are not available to the general public or most small gardeners as they contain specific active ingredients not usually found in retail style products . Common weeds such as daisies, buttercup, dandelions, plantains etc can be controlled after one application. Other weeds such as fieldwood rush, Yarow, clovers, speedwells and celandine can require more than one application. Repeated applications will also control newly germinated weed plants whose seeds of which may have been carried by birds, the wind and some just laying dormant in the soil. Weeds are approx 70 % water and will usually decompose completely 14 days after treatment. It is important to note that weeds can only be treated whilst they are growing, usually from Spring to early Autumn. The herbicides and products we use are all safe for wild life, pets and children and you can usually use the lawn within 3 hours of having treated it.

Remember herbicide applications to control weeds etc play only a small part of any lawn care program and should be carried out alongside regular applications of various professional fertiliser to establish a thick healthy dence grass sward, this also helps to prevent the appearance of weeds and moss. Scarifying and aeration also play an important part of weed and moss control.

Weed Grasses

Broad leaf plants (weeds) are not the only weeds you will find in your lawn – There are also  two species of native grasses that can be just as undesirable – Yorkshire Fog, cocksfoot, wall barley, creeping soft grasses, these appear as tuft like clumps of grass, the second species being annual meadow grass, this grass unlike the above can blend in quite well with utility turf but will rapidly colonise your lawn, meadow grass is also very suseptable to disease and drought. The appearance of coarse grasses invading well maintained healthy lawns is frustrating, where finer desirable grass species such as bents fescues and rye grasses are sparse and week the hardier coarse grasses will continue to grow and colonise the spaces left. This grass has creeping underground stems that help it spread great distances. There are no selective weed killers that can be used against coarse grasses but there are measures to be taken to minimise them.

If you are unsure about the weeds that are population your lawn and you would like some friendly advice you can contact us to arrange a free survey or book a free lawn survey here.

Lawn Therapy also offer additional lawn care services which your lawn may benefit from.  These include scarification, aeration, overseeding, top dressing, Lawn Re-Turfing, grass disease control, Weed Control and Moss Control.

Weed Control